Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Evening, Ms. N

I've been following the weather because I see that in your state it has some oddities throughout the year. What's the deal with 80 degrees last Saturday and now it's about half that?? How do you deal with the swings? That would mean you can't put away your summer stuff until, what, November? December?

I have a cousin who lives in your state (she's helping me out with the SP so you can't figure out where I live) and she assures me that this kind of weather for you is 'normal'. Now I know why I don't see this cousin as much as I used to. Haaaa!

Enjoy your evening!

Just Me


At Thu Oct 12, 08:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger Guinifer said...

Hey Just Me -
I just popped in tonight after my ten year old's football game. (Woot-woot, they won 25-0 and they are undefeated!) Yes the weather is unusually cold, even for us. However, I have lived here all my life, and this is much more seasonal than the 80 degrees from last weekend. We actually start to look forward to the cool around September and because we layer, the short sleeved tee shirts never actually get put away!!!

At Sat Oct 14, 04:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger Just Me said...

I'm at that layering stage myself but it has more to do with my unfortunate age than the weather. Drives my husband nuts - turn the ac on, turn it off, turn it on, turn it off...

Congrats on the game!!


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